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CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEYS SERVING PALM SPRINGS, THE GREATER COACHELLA VALLEY AND SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COMMUNITIES: Castillo & Associates has assembled an experienced team of lawyers who handle all types of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies. Our “motto” is, there is no criminal case too small or too large for our office to successfully handle for our clients. Castillo & Associates is dedicated to obtaining the absolute best results for our clients. We take pride in the representation of our clients and consistently obtain superior results for them. Let Castillo & Associates do the same for you!

Castillo & Associates is a result oriented firm. Depending on the case, our office utilizes several approaches to secure superior results, including but not limited to: Trial, aggressive plea bargaining, suppression of evidence motions, pre-filing negotiations, 995 motions, 17b motions, attacking “strike” allegations, and challenging charges filed at preliminary hearing. Although the old saying that “you can indict a ham sandwich” is generally true, Castillo & Associates has been successful in having serious felony charges, as well as entire felony cases, dismissed after conducting a preliminary hearing.

Castillo & Associates assesses all the facts and evidence in each case it handles and provides its clients with a detailed and complete analysis and recommendation. The lawyers at Castillo & Associates take a “hands-on approach” in the handling of their clients’ cases. Castillo & Associates go the “extra mile” to communicate with their clients and continually update them with material information about their pending cases. At Castillo & Associate we listen to our clients and work with them to achieve superior results. It truly is a team approach!

At Castillo & Associates our goal is aimed at securing acquittals, dismissals, dismissed charges, and reducing charges for our clients. We scrutinize every charge and challenge the underlying evidence relied upon by the prosecution. Our lawyers consistently find that our detailed approach allows us to consistently undermine the state’s “evidence” which results in either the charge being dismissed or reduced.

Castillo & Associates handles cases throughout Southern California in State and Federal Courts. Castillo & Associates Rancho Mirage office routinely handles cases filed in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles, Imperial and San Diego Counties.

Contact Castillo & Associates If you or a loved one has been charged or have a pending criminal matter. Let us help you like we have helped thousands of our previous clients. Your future will thank you!